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NVIDIA Shield tablet might not be getting an update after all

Remember that next-gen NVIDIA Shield tablet that passed through the FCC in May? Yeah, apparently it’s not happening. NVIDIA has updated its application with a dismissal request letter. The reason for the dismissal? “For business reasons, the product has been cancelled.” It’s not entirely surprising that NVIDIA would decide not to launch a new Shield […]

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Next-gen NVIDIA Shield tablet leaked by the FCC?

NVIDIA launched an 8 inch Android tablet designed for gaming in 2014. Then the company re-launched the tablet with a new name, but similar specs (and a lower price tag) in late 2015. Now it looks like a new NVIDIA Shield tablet is on the way. Maybe this time NVIDIA will put a new chip […]

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NVIDIA Shield gaming tablet with 4G LTE hits the FCC, coming soon for $399

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is an 8 inch Android tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and an emphasis on gaming. NVIDIA launched a WiFi-only model with 16GB of storage in July for $299. Now a model with 32GB of storage and 4G LTE support is on the way. It’ll cost $399 when it goes […]

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet and game controller is now available

NVIDIA’s latest handheld gaming machine is now available… and this time it’s a tablet. The NVIDIA Shield Tablet features an 8 inch, full HD display, a Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, stereo front-facing speakers, and an emphasis on gaming. The tablet can handle thousands of Android games, including some which are optimized for the device’s […]

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NVIDIA Shield tablet and wireless controller launching this month for $299 (leaks)

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is an 8 inch Android tablet with a full HD display, an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, and an emphasis on gaming. We’ve heard a lot about the tablet over the past few weeks, even though NVIDIA hadn’t officially introduced the device yet. Now a series of leaked slides tell us just […]

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French retailer lists NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE for €400

Can’t wait to get your hands on NVIDIA’s upcoming Shield Tablet with a Tegra K1 processor and support for streaming PC games over the internet? If you live in France you can already order one from Rue Du Commerce. Sure, NVIDIA hasn’t actually confirmed that the tablet exists yet and the product page was probably […]