NVIDIA Shield tablet might not be getting an update after all

Remember that next-gen NVIDIA Shield tablet that passed through the FCC in May? Yeah, apparently it’s not happening. NVIDIA has updated its application with a dismissal request letter. The reason for the dismissal? “For business reasons, the product has been cancelled.” It’s not entirely surprising that NVIDIA would decide not to launch a new Shield […]

Next-gen NVIDIA Shield tablet leaked by the FCC?

NVIDIA launched an 8 inch Android tablet designed for gaming in 2014. Then the company re-launched the tablet with a new name, but similar specs (and a lower price tag) in late 2015. Now it looks like a new NVIDIA Shield tablet is on the way. Maybe this time NVIDIA will put a new chip […]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet and game controller is now available

NVIDIA’s latest handheld gaming machine is now available… and this time it’s a tablet. The NVIDIA Shield Tablet features an 8 inch, full HD display, a Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, stereo front-facing speakers, and an emphasis on gaming. The tablet can handle thousands of Android games, including some which are optimized for the device’s […]

NVIDIA Shield tablet and wireless controller launching this month for $299 (leaks)

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is an 8 inch Android tablet with a full HD display, an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, and an emphasis on gaming. We’ve heard a lot about the tablet over the past few weeks, even though NVIDIA hadn’t officially introduced the device yet. Now a series of leaked slides tell us just […]