NVIDIA’s new entry-level Shield TV leaked (similar specs, smaller package)

Apparently NVIDIA’s got two new Shield TV devices on the way. This morning we learned that the $200 Shield TV Pro was coming soon, with a faster processor, support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby Vision, and a new remote control. But it looks like there’s a new non-Pro version as well. The new NVIDIA Shield TV has the […]

NVIDIA brings Android P to the Shield TV (a 4-year-old Android TV box)

The NVIDIA Shield TV was released in early 2015, but it’s still one of the best Android TV boxes around… both because of hardware that’s stood the test of time and NVIDIA’s track record of offering regular software updates that bring new features to the platform. When the Shield TV first shipped, it ran a […]

NVIDIA’s latest Shield TV update brings 120 Hz support, keyboard and mouse improvements

Buy an Android smartphone and you’re lucky to get a few major software updates before the manufacturer abandons your device. The NVIDIA Shield TV may be the ultimate exception. First released in 2015, the Shield is still one of the most expensive Android TV boxes on the market, with prices starting at $179. But it’s […]

Lilbits 317: More 2-in-1 Chromebooks

Microsoft isn’t the only company with a new tablet powered by a 6 watt, dual-core Pentium 4415Y processor based on 7th-gen Intel Core “Kaby Lake” architecture. Chrome Unboxed spotted evidence suggesting that HP will offer a version of its Chromebook x2 2-in-1 device with the low-power chip, possibly offering a cheaper option than the $600 […]

Google Assistant comes to Android TV (starting with NVIDIA Shield TV)

Google is bringing its voice assistant software to its TV platform. The NVIDIA Shield TV is the first Android TV device to support Google Assistant, but Google says Sony Bravia TVs will gain the feature in the coming months. That will let you control TV features with your voice, ask questions, and perform plenty of […]

Unreleased NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 game device found in a pawn shop

NVIDIA has released a handful of Android-powered gaming devices over the past few years. The company’s Shield brand of devices includes Shield tablets, the Shield TV box, and a device that’s now called the Shield Portable, but which was just called the NVIDIA Shield when it was launched, since it was the first device to wear […]

NVIDIA Shield TV software update brings 2017 features to 2015 model

NVIDIA started selling a new version of its Shield TV box earlier this month. But while the new model is 40 percent smaller than the version that launched in 2015 it has the same basic hardware. The key differences are a game controller with a microphone that’s always listening for voice commands and newer software. Actually, […]

NVIDIA Shield Portable pictured in FCC documents may never be released

NVIDIA launched an updated version of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV box this month. But what about the company’s other Shield products? The original Shield is an Android-powered handheld game system that was released in 2013, and the Shield Tablet launched a year later. Despite a series of leaks suggesting that new models were on […]

Closer look at the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA’s second-gen Shield TV has the same processor, memory, and storage as the original. But it comes in a body that’s 40 percent smaller and comes in a $199 bundle that includes the Shield, a remote control, and a game controller. The first generation model shipped without the remote, which needed to be purchased separately. […]