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Lilbits: PC shipments fall in Q4, 2022, Apple may release MacBook Pro with OLED touchscreen, and Imagination launches a new ray-tracing GPU for mobile

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a weird impact on worldwide PC shipments. At the start of the pandemic, shipments fell due supply chain issues that began when Chinese factories shut down. Once production of PC components ramped up, computers flew off the shelves to meet strong demand from folks who were working from home. […]

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Lilbits: The latest Unihertz BlackBerry clone, why Pebble failed, and a dip in PC shipments

Unihertz plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon for a modern phone with some retro-inspired features including a BlackBerry-style physical keyboard. The upcoming Unihertz Titan Slim will be the latest in a line of unusual phones from Unihertz, which has made a habit of releasing niche smartphones aimed at fans of old-school features like […]

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Lilbits: A smartphone with a smartwatch on the back, mini PCs, and Linux for phones, PCs, and servers

Over the past few years Unihertz has made a habit of zagging in the smartphone space when the rest of the world is zigging. Looking for a BlackBerry-style phone with a physical keyboard? There’s the Unihertz Titan. Want a small screen? Check out the Jelly, Atom, or Titan Pocket lines. But the upcoming Unihertz TickTock […]

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Lilbits: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, Raspberry Pi 4 gets a speed boost, Samsung announces LPDDR5X memory

NVIDIA’s next single-board computer will offer 6X the processing power of its predecessor, while keeping the same small size and form factor. Just don’t expect the new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin  it to have a Raspberry Pi-like affordable price tag. NVIDIA positions its Jetson modules as development platforms for robotics, autonomous machines, and other embedded […]

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Turing Pi 2 mini ITX cluster board is powered by up to 4 Raspberry Pi or NVIDIA Jetson compute modules

Turing Pi makes computer boards that let you build your own ARM-based cluster computer that you can use as a home server, host for cloud apps, or development platform for distributed computing applications. Last year the company released a model that lets you build a cluster using older Raspberry Pi Compute Modules. That model currently […]

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NVIDIA Jetson Nano is a tiny AI computer for $99 and up

NVIDIA’s latest Jetson computer module is basically a small, low-power PC designed to provide an affordable solution for artificial intelligence. The NVIDIA Jetson Nano module features a 1.43 GHz ARM Cortex-A57 quad-core processor and 128-core NVIDIA Maxwell graphics with speeds up to 921 MHz. NVIDIA says the Jetson Nano “delivers 472 GFLOPS of computer performance” […]

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NVIDIA releases Jetson AGX Xavier module for autonomous devices (robots)

NVIDIA is probably best known for making graphics cards used for gaming and video editing, but the company also designed low-power processors aimed at tablets, TV boxes, and other small gadgets a few years ago. Aside from the NVIDIA Shield Android TV box, there aren’t many devices using those chips anymore… but NVIDIA took what […]

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NVIDIA Tegra K1 benchmarked: Competitive with Celeron Bay Trail

Now that NVIDIA is shipping its Jetson board to developers, some of the first real-world tests of the company’s new Tegra K1 processor are starting to appear. Members of the Phoronix/OpenBenchmarking community have posted initial results, and it looks like NVIDIA’s new chip has raw processing power that’s comparable to Intel’s Celeron J1900 Bay Trail […]