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Qualcomm’s answer to Apple Silicon is coming in 2023 (high-performance chips for Windows PCs)

Qualcomm processors power many of the world’s fastest smartphones. But the company has a relative newcomer to the PC space. And most of the PCs with Qualcomm chips released to date are significantly slower than similarly-priced models with Intel or AMD chips.

But Qualcomm says that could change with its next-gen chips, which the company says are expected to arrive in consumer devices in 2023.

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Qualcomm plans to launch a laptop processor that rivals Apple’s by mid 2022

Chip maker Qualcomm makes the processors that power every current-gen Windows on ARM laptop or tablet (which isn’t very many) and a handful of Chromebooks (there are even fewer of those). But the company’s strength has long been in the smartphone space, where Qualcomm powers most Android flagships. Its laptop processors have generally delivered underwhelming […]

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Qualcomm’s $1.4 billion NUVIA acquisition could supercharge Snapdragon chips for laptops (and other devices)

Qualcomm makes the processors found in many of the world’s most popular smartphones. But the company’s chips aren’t exactly the fastest ARM-based processors available for mobile devices. Year after year Apple’s processors tend to carry that title, with the company A series chips tending to outperform the best Qualcomm has to offer, and the new […]