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Microsoft is spending $19.7 billion to acquire Nuance, an AI & speech recognition company

Nuance, the company that makes the speech recognition software that powers Apple’s Siri voice assistant and the Dragon line of text-to-speech tools, is about to become a Microsoft subsidiary. Microsoft has agreed to pay $19.7 billion to acquire Nuance in a deal expected to be finalized later in 2021. Does this mean Microsoft is investing […]

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Nuance brings Swype keyboard and voice assist to smartwatches

Smartphone screens keep getting bigger and bigger, which means typing with an on-screen keyboard is also getting easier and easier. But not all touchscreen devices have big screens — the average smartwatch has a 1.5 inch or smaller display. So how do you enter text? Nuance things it has an answer… or two. The company […]

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Coming soon: Ultrabooks with Dragon voice assist software

Microsoft has been including speech recognition software with Windows for a while, but apparently that’s not good enough for Intel. The chip maker partnered with Nuance earlier this year to develop voice assistant technology specifically for ultrabooks. Now Nuance has announced that the first ultrabook with Dragon Assistant Beta will ship in the 4th quarter […]