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Lilbits (8-07-2014): Google Fit is coming

Google wants to make it easier for fitness-related Android apps to talk to one another, so the company is introducing a new series of APIs for developers. The platform is called Google Fit, and it’ll be available to the public when Android L is released this fall. But developers don’t have to wait until then […]

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Novena open laptop raises $700 thousand through crowdfunding

Hardware hackers Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross wanted to design a laptop that didn’t rely on any proprietary hardware or software, so they created the Novena open laptop. At first they figured there was a market for exactly two of these systems in the world… but when they started talking about the project, plenty of other […]

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Novena Open laptop is on the way after beating crowdfunding goal

The creators of the Novena open laptop have created a portable computer designed to run pretty much nothing but free and open source software. The designs for the hardware are also available. But not everyone has the resources to laser cut their own case, order their own printed circuit board, and do all the other […]

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Crowdfunding: Novena open laptop has a hackable bezel (among other things)

The folks behind the Novena open laptop are getting awfully close to their crowd-funding goal of $250,000 and with nearly two weeks to go in the project, it looks pretty likely that at least a few dozen of the devices will be manufactured and shipped in the coming year. If the team surpasses that goal, not […]

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Bunnie Huang’s Novena open laptop stretch goals: 3D graphics drivers, hardware breakout boards and more

The makers of the Novena laptop wanted to build a PC unlike anything on the market. While there are plenty of laptops that can run open source operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora, the Novena is designed from the ground up with openness in mind. The hardware schematics are available to the public, and there are […]

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Bunnie Huang’s open laptop prototype is geeky and functional

For more than a year, hardware hacker Bunnie Huang has been working with Sean Cross to design an open laptop. That means you’d be able to boot the computer and run most applications without requiring any proprietary, closed-source binaries or other software, and the hardware designs would be open and available. Now Huang and Cross have […]

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Lilbits (7-06-2013): Open laptop development, and is Tizen dead?

There are plenty of ways to run open source software on an existing laptop. But hardware hacker Bunnie Huang wants to go further and develop a truly open laptop that’s not only Linux-friendly, but which uses entirely open hardware designs that are available for anyone to modify and use. Huang’s been working on the open […]