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Notion Ink Adam II tablet launches in Europe for 219 Euros and up

Indian company Notion Ink is bringing its second Adam tablet to Europe. While the company’s first tablet grabbed headlines a few years ago thanks to its sunlight-viewable Pixel Qi display, the new model breaks the traditional tablet mold in a different way. It’s designed to be held like a book, and there are two grayscale […]

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Lilbits (1-03-2013): Are you ready for Windows/Android tablets?

Word on the street is that Intel thinks it’s found a way to make Windows tablets more popular — let users run Android apps on them. According to both Time Magazine and The Verge, Intel is encouraging PC makers to offer Windows devices that can run Android software in virtualization. That lets you run Android apps […]

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Notion Ink Adam II unveiled: 10 inch tablet with secondary display for notifications

Notion Ink is back with a new Android tablet. And just like the original Notion Ink Adam tablet, the new Adam II is designed with a little outside-the-box thinking. The relatively small Indian company made headlines a few years ago by introducing one of the first tablets with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, and […]

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This is what the Notion Ink Adam II looks like (at least part of it)

Notion Ink has posted the first picture of its upcoming Adam II tablet. It doesn’t really tell us much about the new tablet other than the fact that it will have a white case and a kind of boxy design. The Indian company is still finalizing specs for the device and hasn’t announced a release […]