Google makes some Android 11 features optional (not every phone will have them)

Android 11 is coming later this year, and it brings a bunch of new features for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. But it looks like there’s a good chance that not every device running Android 11 will have all of those new features. The folks at xda-developers report that a couple of big features are […]

Firefox and Chrome are making website notifications less annoying

The web is littered with sites that show pop-up notifications asking if you’d like to sign up for alerts — and Mozilla says according to its research, 99-percent of them are either ignored or actively denied by Firefox users. So Mozilla has announced that the latest version of Firefox will make these pop-ups less annoying. […]

Google will use Android notifications to let you know when a new device is connected to your account

Sign into Android on a new device for the first time and Google will send you an email to verify that it’s really you. If you didn’t sign in on a new device, it could mean somebody else is accessing your account. But there’s one little problem: Google finds that people don’t always pay much attention […]

Samsung Smart Glow is like a next-gen notification LED (leaks)

The notification light on your smartphone can probably flash to let you know when you’ve received a message. But Samsung seems to be working on a new notification light that takes things to another level. It’s called Smart Glow, and it’s ring that circles the rear camera that can glow in different colors for different […]

Cortana can now sync Android notifications with Windows 10 PCs

As promised, Microsoft has released a new version of its Cortana app for Android that allows you to sync notifications between a smartphone and Windows 10 PC. In other words, you can view alerts about missed calls, incoming messages, or other information on your computer without unlocking your phone. You can also dismiss notifications from […]

Windows 10 will be able to display Android notifications from your phone

Microsoft is rolling out an “anniversary update” for Windows 10 this summer, and among other things, it’ll include an updated Action Center for notifications and settings. One of the coolest new features? You’ll be able to view and respond to notifications from your phone from Windows… and that’s true whether you’re using a Windows Phone […]

Pushbullet Pro offers more ways to connect your smartphone and desktop (for a fee)

Pushbullet is a service that lets you share content between your computers and mobile devices. Want to see your smartphone notifications on your desktop? Pushbullet can do that. Want to copy a link or a line of text on your PC and paste it on your phone? Pushbullet can do that too. It’s been about […]