OPPO F9 smartphone has a notch… but just barely

In an effort to maximize screen space on smartphones, most phone makers have borrowed design elements from the Essential PH-1 and iPhone X and included a cut-out at the top of the screen for cameras and other sensors. The trend has been controversial, to say the least. But with Google adding official support for notches, […]

Hate smartphone notches? How about a hole in the display?

In an attempt to give phones a higher screen-to-body ratio, most major smartphone companies have settled on a solution: phones with taller screens and slimmer bezels… often with a display that wraps around a camera cut-out, or notch. A few companies, including Vivo and Oppo have figured out how nearly eliminate the top bezel without […]

ZTE Iceberg has 2 notches (top and bottom for front-facing stereo speakers)

Notches may be the controversial smartphone design trend of the year. But it looks like ZTE is thinking about going all-in on an upcoming phone by including not just a notch at the top of the screen, but a second one at the bottom. The Chinese device maker has submitted pictures of an unreleased phone […]

Doogee Mix 4 prototype hides the camera with a sliding display rather than bezels (or a notch)

How do you make a phone with slim borders around the display, but still leave room for the earpiece, camera, and ambient light sensor? Apple, Essential, and a bunch of other companies have opted for display cut-outs, which has the screen wrap around the camera and sensor. Samsung and Google have just opted to make […]

LG G7 may have a notch… that you can “disable” with a software trick

So here’s the thing about smartphones with display notches: they offer more screen real estate by allowing device makers to offer a slim top bezel with a cut-out in the display for a camera and other sensors. But they also look funny, since the display wraps around the cut-out, which can pose a problem when […]

If Apple drops the notch in 2019, will Android phone makers follow suit?

Nearly a dozen new Android phones with camera cut-outs in their otherwise nearly full-screen displays debuted at Mobile World Congress last month. Rumor has it LG’s next flagship will also have a camera “notch.” And Google has officially added support for displays with cutouts to Android P. While the first modern smartphone with a notch was […]

What’s new in Android P? (Developer Preview 1 is now available)

The next major version of Google Android is coming later this year, but developers and early adopters will be able to get an early look starting today. Google is releasing the first developer preview of Google Android P and, among other things, it adds native support for phones with camera cut-outs in the screen (notches), […]