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Barnes & Noble doesn’t really want you sideloading apps on a NOOK Tablet

It was a bug, and Barnes & Noble fixed it. That’s how representatives from the company described the fact that when the NOOK Tablet shipped in November, users discovered they could download some Android apps from the internet (instead of from the B&N Shop) and install them on the tablet — until Barnes & Noble […]

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Barnes & Noble offering free (or cheap) NOOKs to periodical subscribers

Barnes & Noble is now offering discounted NOOK Simple Touch, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablets to customers that sign up for subscriptions to the New York Times or People Magazine. Here’s how it works: Get a NOOK Simple Touch eReader for free with a 1-year NOOK subscription to the New York Times (at $19.99 per […]

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ReaderDock introduces Kindle Fire, NOOK Tablet charging docks with speakers

ReaderDock plans to introduce two new tablet docking stations this month, one for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color and another for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The N-Station and FireStation are both scheduled to ship in mid-February, but pre-orders for each will open in late January. The docking stations include built-in speakers […]

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Snowball-mod (almost) turns the NOOK Tablet into a full Android tablet

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet is a 7 inch tablet with a color display, a dual core processor, and a custom version of the Google Android operating system designed by Barnes & Noble. While the tablet can run hundreds of thousands of Android apps, out of the box it’s designed for reading eBooks from […]

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How to update a NOOK Tablet to OS 1.4.1 and still have root access

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet is a 7 inch tablet with a dual core processor, 16GB of storage, and an excellent display. It comes with a custom version of Google Android designed to work with the B&N book and app stores, but customers have been hacking the NOOK Tablet since it hit the streets […]

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Sideload apps on a NOOK Tablet with OS 1.4.1 (no root required)

Update: It’s also now possible to upgrade from OS 1.4.0 to B&N NOOK Tablet OS 1.4.1 while rooting the tablet.  The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet is designed to let you download and install third party apps from the B&N shop, but shortly after the tablet was released users noticed that they could also install […]

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How to block over-the-air updates (and keep root) on the NOOK Tablet

Software updates are usually good things since they kill security flaws, improve performance, and offer new features. But if you bought a Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet running software version 1.4, proceeded to root the tablet, install the Android Market, and make other changes you’ve probably been dreading the new B&N software 1.4.1 update. The […]

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Now you can run Ubuntu Linux on a NOOK Tablet (sort of)

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet has a locked bootloader, which has prevented hackers from figuring out how to replace the version of Android that comes on the tablet with custom software such as CyanogenMod. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to run an alternate operating system on the NOOK Tablet. In fact, you can […]