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Next-gen NOOK Touch to have front-lit display

It looks like the future is bright for E Ink eBook readers. Literally. Just a few days after reports of a new Kindle with a front-lit screen started making the rounds,  Nate at The Digital Reader snagged a picture of a new NOOK Simple Touch eBook reader with a front-lit display. Update: The NOOK Simple Touch […]

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NOOK Touch hack speeds up E Ink, shows why it’s not ready for tablets

E Ink is a pretty fascinating display technology. Designed for eBook readers, E Ink screens look a lot like ink on paper. But there’s a down side – most eReaders have slow screen refresh rates which means you can’t use them for video or even smooth scrolling in web browser or other applications. That’s not […]

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NOOK Touch hack adds USB host support (plug in a keyboard)

Ever wish you could use a USB keyboard with your NOOK Simple Touch eBook reader? Yeah, I didn’t think so… but it’s still pretty cool that it’s possible. Hacker verygreen has figured out how to enable USB host support on Barnes & Noble’s eReader and he’s posted details on how to do it at the […]

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Barnes & Noble offering free (or cheap) NOOKs to periodical subscribers

Barnes & Noble is now offering discounted NOOK Simple Touch, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablets to customers that sign up for subscriptions to the New York Times or People Magazine. Here’s how it works: Get a NOOK Simple Touch eReader for free with a 1-year NOOK subscription to the New York Times (at $19.99 per […]

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Barnes & Noble drops NOOK Color price to $199, NOOK Touch to $99

Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK Tablet may be faster and offer more memory and storage than the 1-year-old NOOK Color. But instead of discontinuing the NOOK Color to make room for the new tablet, the company has decided to keep it around… at a lower price. While the NOOK Tablet will go on sale next […]

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Deals of the Day (10-18-11)

It’s a good day to be in the market for a cheap eBook Reader. Daily Steals is selling refurbished NOOK Colors for $135 today and if you’re really looking for a bargain, you can grab a Delstar eReader with an LCD display for just $40 — although I suspect you’ll get what you pay for […]