Barnes & Noble stops selling NOOK Tablet 7″ while investigating hardware issue

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Tablet 7″ is a $50 Android tablet which the bookstore chain began selling in late 2016. But the company has stopped selling the tablet for now, due to a potential hardware issue. First reported in a reddit thread, the company has also instructed stores to box up and return inventory. Despite […]

Barnes & Noble will no longer sell apps through NOOK Store

Barnes & Noble may be first and foremost a book store. But the company does sell other goods in stores and on its website. And when B&N launched its first tablet in 2010, the company launched a NOOK app store to go along with its NOOK eBook store. But B&N started including the Google Play […]

B&N remains committed to NOOK, even as eBook division revenue falls

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK division saw sales of $51.7 million the most recent quarter, which represents a decline of 33 percent… but the company is putting a positive spin on that by saying that while sales of devices and content were down, B&N also saw a “reduction of NOOK losses” during the fiscal third quarter.” In […]

Now you can root the NOOK Glowlight Plus eReader

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Glowlight Plus is an eReader with a 1072 x pixel E Ink touchscreen display, an ambient light, and 4GB of storage. It’s basically B&N’s answer to the latest Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, except the NOOK Glowlight Plus has a classier design with bronze aluminum and white plastic… oh yeah, it’s also waterproof. […]