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Nokia CEO: Yes, a tablet is coming, no it won’t look like anyone else’s

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has confirmed in an interview with a Finnish TV station that the company expects to launch a tablet device. But Elop says whatever the company eventually produces will have a “uniquely Nokia” perspective. It’s not at all clear what that means in terms of finished hardware or software. But here’s what […]

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Android netbook with RockChip RK2918 CPU shows up in China

Charbax from ARMdevices is visiting a trade show in China this week and one of the more unusual devices he spotted is a mini-laptop with an ARM-based processor and Google Android operating system. That’s not too unusual, since we’ve been seeing cheap Chinese netbooks with Android for the past few years, but there are a […]

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Vayee clones the Nokia Booklet 3G for Chinese market

The last mini-laptop I saw from Chinese PC builder Vayee was an 11.6 inch laptop designed to look like a MacBook Air (before Apple had an 11.6 inch MacBook Air). Now the company is back with a 10 inch netbook designed to look like a Nokia Booklet 3G. The Vayee netbook has 1.66GHz Intel Atom […]

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Nokia Booklet 3G version 2 coming in 2010?

The Nokia Booklet 3G still hasn’t even started shipping in the US yet, but Nokia is reportedly looking at launching an updated version of the netbook next year. Digitimes cites a Chinese-language news outlet that says Nokia’s manufacturing partner Compal is working overtime to keep up with demand for Nokia’s first netbook. There’s no word […]

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Nokia Booklet 3G now available for pre-order from Best Buy

US retailer Best Buy is now taking pre-orders for the Nokia Booklet 3G. You can reserve an unlocked version of the netbook with a black lid from for $599.99. Interestingly, Best Buy promises that white and blue options will be available soon. There doesn’t seem to be any option to pre-order the netbook with […]