Vastking G800 is like a cross between a Nintendo Switch and a Windows tablet

Chinese company Vastking is showing off a new tablet with an 8 inch full HD display, an Intel Apollo Lake processor, and up to 6GB of RAM. Oh, and it has removable game controllers that can attach to the sides of the tablet, making the Vastking G800 look like a Nintendo Switch. You can’t buy […]

WikiPad gaming tablet maker sues Nintendo over Switch console design

The Nintendo Switch is the first product from a major game console maker to feature a tablet that works with a set of detachable controllers. But it’s a design some smaller companies have tried before. Now one of those companies is suing Nintendo, saying that the Switch console design infringes on an existing patent. Gamevice […]

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers work with Windows, Mac, or Android devices

One of the most distinctive features of Nintendo’s new game console is the Joy-Con game controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch. The game console itself is a small tablet that you can use on the go or plugged into a TV when connected to a docking station, and the Joy-Con controllers can be used […]

Nintendo Switch previews paint picture of a promising multi-purpose game console (that’s still a bit unfinished)

Nintendo’s next game console officially launches March 3rd. But Nintendo Switch preview units were sent out to a bunch of tech and gaming publications ahead of launch, and you can find some early impressions from sites including Ars Technica, Engadget, Gamespot, Polygon, and The Verge. Overall, it seems like the general consensus is that the platform […]

Nintendo Switch will launch March 3rd for $300

The Nintendo Switch is a game system that blurs the lines between a traditional game console and a mobile gaming device. The Switch features a touchscreen tablet that you can use for gaming on the go, a docking station that makes it simple to plug the Switch into a TV and charge the tablet, and […]

Nintendo Switch game console hits the FCC ahead of 2017 launch

Nintendo’s Switch game console is expected to ship in March, but after releasing a promotional video in October, the company plans to start showing off the Switch to the public in January. The Switch is a multi-purpose gaming device that can be used either as a portable tablet or as a living room console that […]

Nintendo Switch “wireless game device” component hits the FCC

Nintendo is expected to begin showing off its next game console in January, even though the Nintendo Switch won’t be available for purchase until March. But ahead of both of those dates, it looks like Nintendo has submitted Switch-related documents to the FCC for approval. The FCC website now has a listing for a “wireless game device” […]

Nintendo Switch patent documents hint at VR headset accessory

Next year Nintendo plans to launch a game console designed to work either as a handheld gaming device or as a system that you plug into a TV and interact with using a wireless controller. But those might not be the only ways to use the Nintendo Switch. A member of the NeoGaf forum found […]

Nintendo’s next game console is also a portable gaming tablet (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo is giving us an early look at the game console that will replace the Wii U. And it looks… unlike anything else on the market right now. It’s called the Nintendo Switch, and it’s not just a game console that you plug into your TV. It also transforms into a portable gaming tablet. A […]