Wonder’s gaming phone will be like an Android-powered Nintendo Switch (that’s also a phone)

The Nintendo Switch is a new type of game console that’s designed to be used both as a gaming tablet and as a home console. Attach controllers to the sides of the tablet and you can use it anywhere. Detach the controllers and prop up the tablet on its kickstand and you can play without […]

Nintendo Switch Online service will offer cloud backups, 20 classic games… but no Virtual Console

The Nintendo Switch is a popular game console that’s both a handheld tablet that you can use to play games on the go and a device that slides into a docking station for playing games on your TV. But unlike rival game consoles, Nintendo doesn’t have an online service with features like the option to […]

US regulators investigate Nintendo Switch patent infringement allegations

Nintendo has a way of thinking outside the box when it comes to game consoles. While Sony and Microsoft tend to duke it out to see who can pack the most power into their latest gaming boxes, Nintendo has focused on oddball features like motion controllers and a balance board (Wii), a dual screen mobile […]

Nintendo Switch hack + Dolphin Emulator could bring GameCube and Wii game support

This week security researchers released details about a vulnerability affecting NVIDIA Tegra X1 processors that makes it possible to bypass secure boot and run unverified code on some devices… including every Nintendo Switch game console that’s shipped to date. Among other things, this opens the door for running modified versions of Nintendo’s firmware, or alternate […]

Nearly 15 million Nintendo Switches are now hackable (other NVIDIA Tegra X1 devices too)

Earlier this year hackers started to show evidence of an exploit that allowed you to load custom software on a Nintendo Switch game console. Theoretically that opens the door for homebrew applications, modified games, or even running an alternate operating system such as a GNU/Linux distribution on Nintendo’s latest game system. It could also make […]

fail0verflow turns a Nintendo Switch into a full-fledged Linux PC

Less than two weeks after demonstrating an exploit that allows Linux to be loaded unto a Nintendo Switch game console, fail0verflow is back with a new video showing what appears to be a full-fledged GNU/Linux-based operating system running on Nintendo’s tablet. The video shows a Switch running the KDE Plasma desktop environment, complete with support […]

Nintendo Switch can run Linux (thanks to a boot ROM exploit)

There’s good news for folks who’ve looked at the Nintendo Switch game console and thought “that’s a neat tablet, but I wish it could run Linux… or Android… or anything other than the software it comes with.” A group of hackers called fail0verflow have found a boot ROM bug that allows them to load custom firmware on […]

Nintendo Labo turns the Switch into a piano, fishing rod, robot or more… with cardboard kits

Cardboard: it’s not just for boxes (and cheap virtual reality headsets) anymore. Nintendo has launched a new set of cardboard kits that you can assemble at home to extend the functionality of a Nintendo Switch game console in ways that are… honestly kind of odd, but also very cool. Nintendo Labo is a platform that […]