Sure, why not run Windows 10 on a Nintendo Switch?

Over the past few months we’ve seen developers port Windows 10 to run on smartphones and Raspberry Pi computers. So what’s next? The Nintendo Switch, apparently. Over the weekend, Ben Imbushuo posted a couple of pictures to Twitter showing the progress he’s made getting Microsoft’s desktop operating system to run on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/living room […]

Nintendo Switch may get a smaller, cheaper sibling this year

Nintendo’s Switch game console is one of the company’s popular devices in years, having sold 32 million units since launching a little less than two years ago. But Japanese news organization Nikkei says Nintendo plans to launch a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch this year. The move could expand the reach of the console […]

Nintendo Switch gets a YouTube app… as Nintendo Wii loses support for all streaming video services

The Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a game console. But you can also use it to watch movies and TV shows, thanks to a Hulu app that’s been available since last year. And this week a YouTube app showed up in the Nintendo eShop, allowing you to watch billions of videos on the system. […]

Daily Deals (11-01-2018)

Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but Target has already released its Black Friday ad, and the company is running a 1-day “Black Friday Sneak Peek” sale on select items today. Meanwehile Google Express is offering 20 percent off select items today when you use the coupon code WISH20 during checkout. The selection […]

Switch Online NES emulator hacked to run unofficial ROMs

As promised, Nintendo’s Switch Online service finally went live yesterday. One feature that had Switch owners particularly excited was its library of classic NES titles. The selection of games is somewhat limited right now… but hackers have already solved that little problem. That’s right. It took less than 24 hours for Switch modders to figure […]

Nintendo Switch Online service launches Sept 18th

It’s been a year and a half since the Nintendo Switch hit the streets, and now Nintendo is finally ready to launch an online service for the game console. The service will let you save game data to the cloud and play some titles that are only available to subscribers (at launch there will be […]

Nyko’s PixelQuest turns Nintendo Switch into a mini arcade cabinet (with cardboard)

Cats have known for years that cardboard isn’t just for shipping packages in. But these days cardboard is also having its moment as a tech accessory. A few years after Google introduced a cardboard kit that could turn a smartphone into a virtual reality headset, Nintendo introduced its Labo family of cardboard kits that you […]