Powkiddy X2 handheld game console looks like a Nintendo Switch (but doesn’t do Switch things)

There’s something kind of familiar looking about the Powkiddy X2, a handheld game console with red and blue game controllers on either side of a 7 inch display. But while the Powkiddy X2 looks like a Nintendo Switch, it lacks much of the functionality that makes Nintendo’s little game console special. The controllers aren’t detachable. The […]

Nintendo Switch Lite handheld game console coming in September for $200

As widely anticipated, Nintendo is adding a smaller, cheaper model to its Nintendo Switch line of game consoles. The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available starting September 20th for $200. That’s $100 less than the price of a normal Nintendo Switch, but there’s a catch — the Switch Lite is only designed for handheld gaming. The […]

Mounting evidence that a Nintendo Switch Mini is on the way

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Nintendo was getting ready to launch a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch game console. Recently those rumors have picked up steam thanks to a number of listings for “Nintendo Switch Mini” accessories including screen protectors, cases, and docking stations. While it’s unclear if the name […]

Nintendo Switch’s unofficial Android port is making good progress

Earlier this year a small team of hackers showed off a work-in-progress version of Google Android running on the Nintendo Switch game console. At the time it was pretty buggy and didn’t seem like something you’d really want to use. But the developers have made a lot of progress since then. Recent builds support hardware-accelerated […]