Lilbits: Nintendo Switch 4K, Qualcomm’s Switch knockoff, and Intel’s 7nm chips

Rumor has it that Nintendo plans to launch a new version of its popular Switch game console later this year. We’d previously heard that it could have a bigger, better screen and support for 4K video output to an external display. Now Bloomberg reports that Nintendo plans to use a new NVIDIA processor with improved […]

Nintendo Switch with 7 inch OLED display and 4K output could launch this year

Since launching in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become one of the best-selling game consoles of all time. But while the Switch has an innovative design that lets you use the same device for handheld and TV gaming and a pretty solid set of games, it was never the most powerful console on the block. […]

Switchroot turns the Nintendo Switch into an Android 10 tablet (unofficially, older models only)

The Nintendo Switch has been one of Nintendo’s most popular gaming devices, with nearly 80 million devices shipped by the end of 2020, enough for the hybrid game console to have outsold the Nintendo 3DS. While the Switch is designed to be a game console that you can use as a handheld device or while […]

Lilibits: Chip news, OnePlus Nord design, and CES Asia is canceled (permanently)

The latest retro console isn’t a console at all… it’s a LEGO kit that lets you build a model of a NES game system and a retro-style TV with a Super Mario level depicted on screen. After scrapping this year’s CES Asia event due to the pandemic, the Consumer Technology Association has decided it might […]

Powkiddy X2 handheld game console looks like a Nintendo Switch (but doesn’t do Switch things)

There’s something kind of familiar looking about the Powkiddy X2, a handheld game console with red and blue game controllers on either side of a 7 inch display. But while the Powkiddy X2¬†looks like a Nintendo Switch, it lacks much of the functionality that makes Nintendo’s little game console special. The controllers aren’t detachable. The […]

Nintendo Switch sales have doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’ve been looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch game console recently, you might have noticed they’re hard to come by — many stores are having trouble keeping them in stock, and Nintendo is said to be ramping up its manufacturing to keep up with demand. As it turns out, it’s not just the […]

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is like a gamified Wii Fit for the Switch

Nintendo has a habit of doing weird things with game consoles. The Nintendo Wii was already an innovative console thanks to the introduction of handheld, motion-sensing game controllers. But then Nintendo added a Wii Balance Board and turned the console into a fitness system with the introduction of games like Wii Fit. The Nintendo Switch […]