Lilbits 356: Huawei’s new smartphone camera can practically see in the dark

When Huawei unveiled the P30 Pro smartphone last week, the company spent a lot of time talking about its triple-camera system which supports long-exposure shots without a tripod, 5X optical zoom, 10X hybird zoom, and up to 50X digital zoom, and the ability to capture bright photos in the dark without turning on the LED […]

Google’s Night Sight begins rolling out to Pixel smartphones

Google’s Pixel smartphones are known for having some of the best cameras of any smartphone — but that’s only partially due to high-quality hardware. Google also uses software to enable advanced features including electronic image stabilization, enhanced digital zoom, and bokeh-style background blurring without the use of a second camera. One of the most impressive […]

Google Camera app brings Night Sight to Pixel phones (unofficially… for now)

Excellent cameras have always been a key selling point of Google’s Pixel smartphones, but some of the best photographic technologies in Google’s phones are software-based. So when the company showed off some impressive new camera features for the Pixel 3 earlier this month, Google also promised some of those features would also be coming to […]