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I’m starting to wish Google’s Project Fi supported more phones

I signed up for Google’s Project Fi wireless service at the end of 2016. It’s not necessarily the best wireless network for everyone, but it meets my needs perfectly. This week Google launched a new quiz that you can take to figure out if Project Fi would end up costing more or less than your current […]

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Report: Google and LG to launch Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches Feb 9th

Google is getting ready to launch a major update to its operating system for smartwatches and, according to a new report from VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, the first devices to ship with Android Wear 2.0 will be two smartwatches developed by LG and Google. The watches are expected to be called the LG Watch Sport and […]

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Android 7.1 coming to Nexus phones in December

Google’s Pixel smartphones were the first to ship with Android 7.1 Nougat software, but Google has been offering developer previews of Android 7.1 for select Nexus devices since October. Now it looks like Android 7.1 is getting ready to drop the preview label. According to Vodafone, a security update coming to the Nexus 6P on […]

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Google launches Android 7.1 developer preview for recent Nexus devices

The Google Pixel smartphone may be the first to ship with Android 7.1 Nougat software, but if you have a recent Pixel phone or tablet, now you can sign up for the Android 7.1 Developer Preview to give a beta version of the software a try on your device. Google has released the Android 7.1 […]

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Google Pixel XL review: This is what a “Google Phone” looks like in 2016

Google’s Pixel smartphones represent a new beginning for the company in a lot of ways. While Google has been working with hardware partners to release Nexus phones since 2010, the 5 inch Google Pixel and 5.5 inch Google Pixel XL are the first phones that are Google all the way. They ship with the latest […]

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Google Pixel Camera app ported to run on Android 7.0 Nexus devices

Google’s new Pixel smartphones are said to have some of the best cameras available on any phones. The phones don’t hit the streets until next week (unless you happen to live in Australia). But you may not have to wait to try out the new camera app from the Pixel phones. Thanks to a leaked system image […]

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Goodnight Google Nexus program?

Google unveiled a whole bunch of new hardware today, including the Pixel Phone, Google Home, Google WiFi, Chromecast Ultra, and Daydream VR. But one of the most significant things about these new devices is that Google never mentioned the manufacturers who helped build any of them. While Google is best known as a software company, Google […]

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Google may launch a new 7 inch tablet in 2016

Google is expected to launch a lot of new hardware in the next few months. In addition to two new smartphones, built in partnership with HTC, the company is expected to introduce a new Chromecast, a virtual reality system, and Google Home. But there might be at least one more device on the way: a […]

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Report: This year’s Google Nexus phones… won’t be called Nexus phones

Google has been partnering with hardware companies to offer Nexus-branded smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes since 2009. But for the first time this year the company may work with a partner to launch a line of smartphones with premium features, Android software, and a name other than Nexus. Android Central reports that when Google and HTC […]