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NexDock XL is a 15.6 inch convertible laptop dock for your phone (or other gadgets)

The NexDock XL looks like a convertible notebook with a 15.6 inch display. But it’s really more of a smartphone accessory than a standalone device: connect it to your phone and you can run your apps on a big touchscreen display and use a full-sized keyboard and touchpad. It’s the latest in a line of […]

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NexPad portable display is ready to add a second screen to your phone or laptop for $249

The NexPad is a portable 12 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS LCD touchscreen display designed to add a second display to your smartphone or notebook. But it does that in an unusual way, thanks to a magnetic mount that can either hold your phone in place or allow you use the NexPad as a […]

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NexPad and NexMonitor docks turn your phone into a tablet or desktop

A handful of companies have been producing laptop docks for years, giving customers the ability to use their smartphones like notebook computers. Now one of the companies that helped create this space is moving beyond the laptop dock and introducing two new types of docks. The NexMonitor is a new desktop dock from the makers […]

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NexPhone project: A smartphone with tablet, laptop, and desktop PC docks

Tired of carrying around a phone, a laptop, and a tablet and keeping your data synchronized between all three? A startup called NexCrea wants to offer a smartphone that does it all. The idea is that the NexPhone would work like a typical Android smartphone. But then you  connect it to a docking station to […]