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OverDrive and NOOK bring digital newspaper, magazine lending to libraries

OverDrive is the company that provides the platform most public libraries in the United States use to lend eBooks to patrons. Now the company is expanding into periodicals thanks to a partnership with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Media subsidiary. The deal means that you may soon be able to check out issues of newspapers or […]

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Lilbits (10-06-2014): Jeff Bezos is bringing Amazon and Washington Post together

Say you’re the guy who runs the largest retail website in the United States… which also happens to make and sell a line of eReaders and tablets. And say you also happened to buy a major newspaper a little while ago? Maybe you’d find some synergies in an effort to help make the newspaper profitable […]

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Google Play Newstand puts magazines, newspapers, blogs in one place

Google has launched a new app and storefront which rolls digital magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other news sources into one service. It’s called Google Play Newsstand, and it replaces Google Play Magazines and Google Currents on Android devices. You can use the app as a free news reader for content from online publications. Or you […]

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The Times is offering £50 Nexus 7 tablets to digital subscribers

UK newspaper The Times is the latest publication to try to get readers to subscribe to their digital magazine by offering a subsidized tablet. But unlike the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times is offering a decent tablet: The Google Nexus 7. Update: The Financial Times is now offering a similar deal to US subscribers.  Here’s how […]

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Study: Tablet users read news, don’t necessarily pay for it

There’s been a lot of talk about tablets such as the Apple iPad and Android tablets saving the news industry. Apple incorporated a Newsstand into iOS 5, which lets customers subscribe to digital magazines and newspapers and keep them organized. Zinio and other companies have created periodical stores for tablets. And a number of publications […]

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More newspaper tablets on the way, thanks to TigerDirect and Archos?

We could soon see more newspaper publishers offering Android tablets to digital news subscribers. TigerDirect and Archos rolled out a new program called PubTab this week that will allow publishers to customize the software on an inexpensive 10 inch Android tablet that can be bundled with a subscription package. If that all sounds kind of […]

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Philly Newspapers launch their cheap tablet: The Arnova 10 G2

Philadelphia Media Network is now the first newspaper company in the country to offer an Android tablet bundled with digital newspaper subscription content. Earlier this summer the publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News announced plans to sell an Android tablet, and today it’s available for purchase for $99 and up. That’s the […]

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Tribune Company to offer tablets to newspaper subscribers

It looks like Philadelphia won’t be the only city where you can pick up a cheap or free tablet courtesy of your newspaper company. Recently the publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News announced plans to offer a discounted Android tablet to Philadelphians that signed up for subscriptions to the company’s digital news […]

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Philadelphia newspapers unveil plans to deliver subsidized Android tablets to subscribers

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News will be the first newspapers in the United States to sell an Android tablet to consumers that sign up for a digital subscription. At an event this afternoon Philadelphia Media Network President Greg Osberg outlined the plan — but it’s still in the early stages. Here’s what we […]

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Philadelphia newspapers to bundle discounted Android tablets with digital papers

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News may be the first two newspapers in the US to sell discounted Android tablets along with digital newspaper subscriptions. According to AdWeek the final pricing hasn’t been set yet, but the goal is to offer a roughly 50 percent discount on the tablet and the digital subscription. Philadelphia’s […]