97 tech companies file legal brief opposing Trump’s immigration ban (including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft)

A group of nearly 100 tech companies, including many that are often seen as rivals, all seem to agree on at least one thing: US President Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting people from 7 majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, even if they have a valid Visa, is bad for business. A group of 97 […]

Plex acquires Watchup, will bring streaming news to its media center apps

Plex is a media center application that lets you stream online video from multiple sources, as well as media stored on your device, all from the same user interface. Now the company has announced plans to bring streaming news from channels including CNN, CBS, Fusion, Fox, CNET, and AJ+, among others. That’s because Plex is […]

US election aftermath: Twitter cracks down on harassment, Facebook and Google ad networks ban fake news sites

The 2016 presidential election results have wide-ranging implications in a number of fields. In the tech world, we’re already starting to see the impact as Google and Facebook take steps to combat fake news sites (which some people blame for distributing misinformation during the lead-up to the election), and Twitter’s move to roll out new […]