Google WiFi issues show the downside of always-up-to-date routers

Google started getting into the consumer WiFi router space in 2015┬áby partnering with Asus and TP-Link to launch a line of OnHub routers. More recently Google launched its own whole-home solution called Google WiFi. Among other things, these routers are interesting because they’re supposed to be easy to set up and they download software and […]

Build your own router with SolidRun $90 ClearFog Base single board computer

SolidRun is expanding its ClearFog line of products with a new single board computer (SBC) designed to let manufacturers or hobbyists build a router or other networking products. The company launched a $170 ClearFog Pro last year. Now there’s a new ClearFog Base which is both smaller and cheaper: it measures 4″ x 3″ and […]

SolidRun ClearFog dev board has Marvell Armada A38x chip, 6-port Ethernet switch

SolidRun’s latest development board looks like something you’d use to make an internet router… and I suppose that’s one of the things you could use it for. The ClearFrog Pro is a single-board computer with a Marvell Armada A380/A388 processor, 256MB to 1GB of RAM and an optional SD card for storage. It also has […]

TRENDnet unveils “world’s smallest” Wireless N travel router

I’m always wary of anyone that claims their product is the smallest in the world. That said, TRENDnet’s new TEW-654TR router is pretty small as routers go. So whether it’s actually the world’s smallest 300Mbps Wireless N router or not, this travel router might be worth checking out if you’re in the market for something […]