Lilbits: Windows Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, Signal on Linux phones, Netflix will be the Netflix for games after all

Microsoft has released a new preview version of the Windows Terminal app that builds on the “quake mode” feature introduced earlier this year, allowing you to open a terminal from any screen using a hotkey. Now when you dismiss that window, it minimizes to the system tray by default. Other changes include an updated Settings […]

Google is testing Play Pass subscription for ad-free Android apps & games

The Google Play Store is filled with a combination of free and paid apps and games… but many of the free ones are either laden with annoying ads or require in-app purchases to access some content or features. Google may be planning to offer users another option. According to a report from Android Police, the […]

HTC Viveport Infinity subscription service launches in April for $99 per year

Virtual Reality can be a rather expensive hobby. The most affordable standalone VR headset will set you back at least $199, but if you want a PC-based system you’ll probably end up spending at least twice as much on the headset, motion controllers, and sensors — and that’s before you factor in the cost of […]

Snakebyte’s GameStore lets you play 400 Android games for $10 per month

Snakebyte is a German company that makes gaming accessories, but a few years ago the company tried to get into the console space with the launch of the not-very-successful Android-powered QEUS smart TV box. Now Snakebyte is trying something different. The company has launched a new subscription service that lets you access a library of […]

Origin Access: Pay $5 per month to play (some) Electronic Arts games on a PC (or an Xbox One)

Origin¬†Access is a subscription-based gaming service that allows you to play a set of games for a monthly fee. Originally available only for Xbox One users (where the program is called EA Access), Origin Access is now available for Windows PC users. It’s sort of like Netflix for games… except that the selection is much […]

NVIDIA GeForce NOW: Stream games over the internet for $8 per month (Shield only)

NVIDIA is officially launching its game streaming service that lets you play PC games on an NVIDIA Shield Android device without downloading them first. GeForce NOW is a subscription-based service¬†available in North America, the European Union and Japan for $7.99 per month, although the first three months are free. GeForce NOW launches October 1st with […]

GamePop subscription-based game console will run iOS games (along with Android)

The upcoming GamePop video game console from BlueStacks isn’t just for Android games anymore. BlueStacks has announced that users will be able to play games developed for iOS too. Of course, since all the games will be distributed through the GamePop user interface, you might not actually know (or care) if you’re playing an Android […]