Android netbooks with Allwinner dual, quad-core processors

Most major PC makers may have left the netbook market for dead. But Chinese vendors have continued cranking out cheap mini-laptops with 10 inch or smaller displays. Some models run Windows, but many of the cheapest feature inexpensive ARM chips and run Android or Windows CE. But it looks like some slightly more powerful models […]

Intel expects to see $200 touchscreen notebooks with Bay Trail chips

Right now if you want to pick up a cheap Windows notebook with a touchscreen display, your best bet is probably the Asus VivoBook X202E or Q200, which sells for under $500. But chip maker Intel expects prices to go much lower once its next-generation Atom processors hit the streets. CNET reports that Intel CEO […]

Rumor: Netbooks with larger screens, fanless designs coming

Netbooks aren’t as sexy as they were a few years ago, now that hundreds of tablets have invaded the portable computing space. But chip maker Intel still sees a future for tablets with Intel Atom processors — and the company is reportedly sharing some advice with hardware partners for how to make next-generation netbooks more […]