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As internet organizations fight for net neutrality, Virgin Media lets you check Twitter without hitting your data cap #ohwell

Net Neutrality is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) and governments should treat all internet data equally. Customers shouldn’t be required to pay more for access to some websites than other, and ISPs shouldn’t be able to block you from visiting sites run by a competitor. Generally speaking, the thinking is that it would […]

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Internet TV service DirecTV Now launches Nov 30th for $35 and up

As promised, AT&T is launching before the end of the month. And as promised, it offers pricing that’s very competitive with other internet TV services such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. DirecTV Now launches in the United States on November 30th, with prices starting at $35 for a bundle of more than 60 channels. […]

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FCC expected to adopt net neutrality rules this week

Right now there are no rules in the United States that prevent internet service providers from prioritizing some types of content. For instance an ISP could block or slow down traffic from video streaming websites unless the operators of those websites paid a fee. But the federal government could soon prevent ISPs from doing that. Over […]

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FCC to safeguard net neutrality with Title II modernization, mobile broadband too

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced plans to protect net neutrality by reclassifying Internet service providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. The proposal is the result of 10 years of debates, public input, and Wheeler’s personal experience with the success of open access. Wheeler explains, in a […]

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BlackBerry CEO wants app neutrality: iMessage for BlackBerry

BlackBerry CEO John Chen thinks the government should mandate that mobile app developers and service makers offer their goods across a range of platforms. Today you can install BlackBerry Messenger on an iPhone or Android device. But you can’t install Apple’s iMessage on a BlackBerry phone. Chen would like to see that change… although it […]

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T-Mobile customers can stream Google Play Music, Xbox Music for free(ish)

T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program lets customers stream music from a number of online music sources without that data counting against their monthly data caps. The wireless carrier launched Music Freedom in June, added a few additional services in August, and now the company is more than doubling the number of online music services that are […]

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T-Mobile unveils Music Freedom (stream without data caps), lets you Test Drive with an iPhone loaner

Not sure if T-Mobile’s wireless network coverage is good enough for you to switch from your current provider? No problem. The company will loan you an iPhone 5s for a week so you can try out its service. T-Mobile calls the new service Test Drive, and it launches June 23rd. That’s just one of the […]

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Lilbits (1-14-2014): So much for net neutrality

There’s no law to prevent US internet service providers from offering higher data speeds to companies that pay for the privilege. So some online video sites could stream more quickly than others, for instance. Some websites might load more quickly. In the absence of such a law, the Federal Communications Commission established its own rules… […]