Nintendo’s NES Classic to return in 2018, SNES Classic shipments to continue

Nintendo has been offering two lines of game consoles for decades: one line of products designed for use in the living room and another that’s designed for handheld use. Now things are starting to get blurry: the Nintendo Switch is a living room console that you can also remove from its dock and use on […]

Nintendo is launching a Famicom Mini retro console for Japan

This November Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition game console will go on sale for $60. It looks like a smaller version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and comes with a game controller and 30 games pre-loaded. But while the NES may hold a special place in the hearts of Western gamers of a certain age, it […]

Nintendo NES Classic Edition is a $60 retro console coming in November

Nintendo’s working on a next-gen came console that’s expected to launch in 2017. But it turns out that the upcoming Nintendo NX isn’t the next game console from the company. This fall Nintendo is bringing back the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sort of. The NES Classic Edition is a miniature replica of the original console, but it’s designed […]