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Video: KDE Neon with Plasma Mobile on the PinePhone

One of the things that makes Linux smartphones different from Android or iOS devices is the same thing that makes desktop Linux different from Windows or macOS – support for completely switching the user interface by changing the desktop environment or user interface. So far there are at least three major user interfaces for Linux […]

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Report: BlackBerry has 3 more Android phones on the way

BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone may not exactly be a best-seller. But BlackBerry executives have suggested that the Priv is just the first of several Android-powered phones the company is producing. Now VentureBeat reports that there could be at least three of them coming in the next year. But only one will have the feature that makes the Priv […]

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CyanogenMod to end support for Tegra 2 devices with next major release

A few years ago NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor was a big deal, since it was one of the first dual-core ARM-based chips to hit the smartphone and tablet space. Google even partnered with Motorola to make the Tegra 2-powered XOOM tablet a reference device for Android development. Flash forward two years, and the XOOM and […]