US labels Xiaomi a Communist Chinese military company, pushing US investors to divest

The United States Department of Defense has updated a list of companies it considers “Communist Chinese military companies,” and one of the most notable additions is Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest phone maker in terms of shipments. Thanks to an executive order signed by president Donald Trump in November, that means US investors to sell or […]

FCC designates Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE as national security threats

The US war on Chinese telecommunications giants Huawei and ZTE continues. The latest move comes from the Federal Communications Commission, which has designated the two companies as national security threats. As a result, US telecommunications companies will be prohibited from using some federal funding to buy equipment from Huawei or ZTE. Specifically, the FCC provides […]

ZTE suspends “major operating activities” following US trade ban

A few weeks after the US Department of Commerce blocked US companies from supplying Chinese electronics company ZTE with components, ZTE has issued a notice to investors stating that the company is pretty much on life support while it challenges that action. ZTE says “the major operating activities of the company have ceased,” but that […]

Meizu’s first Android Go smartphone probably isn’t coming to the US

So there’s good new and bad news for folks that like the way Chinese phone maker Meizu designs its smartphones, but don’t like the Flyme OS user interface that the company slaps on top of Android. The good news is that Meizu plans to launch an Android Go edition smartphone, which means it’ll have entry-level […]

Broadcom officially stops trying to buy Qualcomm

After spending the past few months aggressively trying to acquire Qualcomm, chip maker Broadcom is officially withdrawing its offer. That’s not exactly a big surprise: the announcement comes two days after the Trump administration issued an executive order that would have blocked the deal from going through. Broadcom says it’s disappointed by the order, but […]

Trump blocks Broadcom’s effort to takeover Qualcomm for national security concerns

Broadcom has been trying to buy Qualcomm for months, and while Qualcomm’s board has been cool to the proposals so far, Qualcomm has suggested that it might be willing to sell for the right price… assuming the deal wouldn’t run afoul of government regulators. Now it looks like we won’t even get to that last […]

Can’t take your laptop on an international flight? Qatar Airways will loan you one

After the US and UK announced restrictions¬†on the use of electronic devices for passengers traveling on flights from 8 countries, one of the airlines whose passengers are affected has come up with an interesting solution. Qatar Airways will let some flyers borrow a laptop to use during the duration of the flight. The perk is […]