Cat S61 smartphone is the closest you can get to a tricorder (so far)

A few years after launching the first smartphone with a built-in thermal camera that could measure temperatures, Cat Phones is back with a new model sporting a better thermal camera, updated specs, and a bunch of new features. In addition to a FLIP thermal camera, the Cat S61 has a laser-assistant distance measuring system and a […]

Intel says always-connected PCs with 5G are coming in 2019

Microsoft has been pushing the concept of an always-connected PC with integrated support for cellular broadband for a few years, and this year the company is partnering with Qualcomm to bring always-connected PCs with Snapdragon processors (and 4G LTE modems) to market. But rival chip maker Intel says 2019 will be the year 5G-capable always-connected […]

Qualcomm promises new and improved Bluetooth audio features

Qualcomm is making a whole bunch of announcements ahead of Mobile World Congress, including launch details (and carrier partners) for the first Windows on ARM PCs, the introduction of a new Snapdragon 845-powered VR headset platform, a new AI platform, and a new 802.11ax-ready solution for phones, tablets, and laptops. But Qualcomm also has a few Bluetooth […]

Archos launches 3 budget phones with 18:9 (2:1) displays

Slim bezels and 18:9 displays: they’re not just for expensive phones anymore. While the first phones with these ultra-wide (or tall, I guess) screens were high-end handsets with high-res displays, speedy processors, and astronomical price tags, a growing number of phone makers have been taking the trend downmarket in the past few months. The latest […]