Alcatel’s Xess 17 inch all-in-one PC runs Phoenix OS (Android fork with multi-window support)

Jide’s Remix OS has been grabbing a lot of attention as an operating system that takes Google Android and turns it into a desktop OS complete with a taskbar and multi-window support. But it’s not the only Android-as-a-desktop-OS option. Recently we took a look at Phoenix OS, which works in a very similar fashion. Now […]

Jolla unveils new Sailfish OS smartphone, partnerships

Jolla may be getting out of the hardware business, but it looks like the company’s Sailfish OS software will live on as promised… at least for a little while. The company announced this week that Intex will release a smartphone called the Aqua Fish that run Sailfish OS. Jolla is also partnering with Mi-Fone to […]

Xiaomi launches Mi 5 with Snapdragon 820 for $300 and up

Xiaomi’s new flagship phones keeps up the company’s reputation for offering top-tier specs at a mid-range price. The Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has hardware that’s competitive with the latest Samsung, Sony, or LG models. But with a starting price of RMB 1999 (about $305), the Mi 5 will likely be about half the price of those […]

Kyocera demonstrates solar-powered smartphone prototype

Some companies are busy stuffing big batteries in smartphones and tablets, to help them run longer. Others are making it easy to quickly charge the battery so you don’t have to spend much time plugged in. Japanese electronics company Kyocera has another idea: solar-powered phones. At Mobile World Congress this week, Kyocera is showing off […]

Intel’s Android smartphone prototype is also a Linux desktop PC

Intel is showing off a smartphone prototype that can also power a desktop PC experience. No, it’s not running Windows 10 Mobile and using Continuum for phone software. Instead, this is a low-power phone with an Intel Atom x3 processor and two operating systems: Android and a custom version of Debian Linux. Hold it like a […]

Acer Liquid Jade 2 Android smartphones has 1TB of storage (but not really)

If Acer’s latest flagship Android smartphone looks familiar, that’s because the Acer Liquid Jade 2 seems to be an Android version of the previously announced Liquid Jade Primo phone that ships with Windows 10. The specs and design for the two phones are pretty much the same. But there is one key difference aside from […]

ARM introduces low-power Cortex-A32 architecture

ARM has unveiled its lowest-power chip design based on ARMv8 architecture. The company says its new Cortex-A32 processor technology is 25 percent more efficient than its older Cortex-A7 chip design and 30 percent more efficient than a Cortex-A5 chip. In other words, it can offer better performance while consuming less power. Interestingly, while the new […]

Oppo promises 15 minute smartphone charging with Super VOOC Flash Charge

There are a number of fast-charging technologies that let you top off a smartphone battery quickly. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology gets a lot of attention. But MediaTek has its own solution, and as we noted when reviewing Google’s latest Nexus phones, just adding a USB Type-C port to your device can enable support for fast […]

SanDisk’s new microSD card supports 275MB/s speeds

SanDisk’s new microSD card lets you store up to 128GB of data on a removable storage card. There’s nothing unusual about that… but what makes the SanDisk Extre pro microSDXC UHS-II special is its speed. SanDisk says the card supports data transfers at speeds up to 275MB/s, making this new card 3 times faster than […]

Analogix chip lets smartphones output 4K content through USB-C

There are a growing number of things you can do by plugging a smartphone into an external display… but what if you’ve got an Ultra HD display you want to power? No problem. Analogix Semiconductor has just introduced a new chip that will let smartphones output 4096 x 2160 pixel content at 60 frames per […]