Mozilla envisions a future with $25 smartphones

Perusing the specs for the latest Firefox OS smartphones, tablets, and reference designs, it’s pretty clear that Mozilla isn’t trying to dislodge Apple or Samsung from their thrones at the top of the high-end superphone space. Instead Mozilla is aiming low, trying to bring smartphone capabilities to folks in markets where high-priced phones may not […]

Mozilla introduces new Firefox OS phone, tablet reference designs

In addition to announcing new Firefox OS devices from partners including ZTE and Alcatel OneTouch, Mozilla is introducing new reference designs for phones and tablets. The new Firefox OS Flame reference design is for a 4.5 inch phone with a dual-core processor. Mozilla is introducing reference designs for 7 and 10 inch tablets — and developers can […]

Second-gen Firefox OS devices are faster, higher-resolution

Mozilla and its hardware partners are introducing a new range of Firefox OS smartphones featuring multi-core processors and higher-resolution displays. When the first crop of phones powered by Mozilla’s browser-based operating system hit the streets in 2013, they featured very basic specs such as single-core chips and 480 x 320 pixel displays. So a few […]

Alcatel calls its OneTouch Pop Fit a “wearable” smartphone

Don’t like the idea of buying a smartwatch or other wearable device to pair with you smartphone? Alcatel OneTouch is positioning its new phone as a one-size-fits all device. It’s both a phone and a wearable… if you don’t mind strapping a 2.8 inch phone to your arm. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop is basically a small […]

Windows Phone update coming this spring, will support new hardware

Microsoft has announced that the next major update to its Windows Phone platform is due out this spring. A major focus of the new software is support for a wider range of hardware including phones with on-screen buttons instead of physical buttons and hardware with less powerful specs. But Microsoft says all existing Windows Phone […]

Samsung unveils Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches (powered by Tizen)

Samsung is launching two new smartwatches, as expected. What’s a bit unexpected is that the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo are dropping the “Galaxy” name. That’s because these new devices may look like the 2013 Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear, but under the hood these are entirely new devices running a Tizen-based operating […]

Samsung Gear 2 Neo leak suggest 2 designs for Samsung’s new smartwatches

Samsung is expected to unveil next-gen smartphones, smartwatches, and maybe even tablets at an event on February 24th. But @evleaks didn’t want to wait until then to share a leaked photo of Samsung’s next two smartwatches. Yes, watches. Plural. Update: It’s official. Samsung’s launching two new Tizen-powered smartwatches in April. The photos show two watches, […]

Alcatel OneTouch to demo tablet with iris recognition

Most modern smartphones and tablets offer basic security features such as an option to require a PIN code, or gestured to unlock a device. Some even feature facial recognition software or fingerprint readers. So what’s next? Iris scans. Alcatel OneTouch and Iritech plan to show off a tablet with iris recognition features at Mobile World […]