Lilbits (2-27-2014): VIA’s Firefox tablet and AMD’s Windows tablet

Chip makers AMD and VIA aren’t in the habit of releasing tablets… but they’ve been known to show off tablets featuring their technology. This week at Mobile World Congress AMD is showcasing a reference design for a 64-bit Windows tablet featuring its upcoming “Mullins” low-power processor. Meanwhile VIA is showing off a reference design for […]

Marvell introduces PXA1928 64-bit chip for mobile devices

Chip maker Marvell is getting ready to launch its first 64-bit mobile processor. The Marvell Armada Mobile PXA1928 is based on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 design, and it’s expected to hit the streets this year. Marvell will begin offering customer samples in March. The PXA1928 features Vivante GC5000 graphics with support for 1080p displays as […]

Samsung introduces Exynos 5422 and 5260 octa, hexa-core chips

Samsung is adding two new processors to its Exynos family. The Samsung Exynos 5422 is an updated, faster version of the Exynos 5420 octa-core processor, while the new Exynos 5260 is the company’s first hexa-core chip (and likely the processor used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo). Both chips use ARM’s big.LITTLE technology to […]

Motorola to launch a new smartwatch, take Moto Maker international

Motorola may not have any major new products to launch at Mobile World Congress this week, but the company is promising a few big items in the coming months. Motorola plans to launch a new smartwatch soon, and the company is also going to expand availability of its Moto Maker phone customization service to Europe […]

Sony may add a wearable camera to its lifelogging lineup

Sony is launching its first wearable fitness tracker in March. The Sony SmartBand can monitor every step you take, as well as locations you visit, songs you hear, and more. One thing it can’t do is snap photos to remind you of the places you’ve been. But Sony may have another device that does just […]