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Lilbits (1-21-2015): Will Google launch a phone network?

Google is reportedly planning to launch a US wireless network as an MVNO. That means that the company would piggyback on existing network infrastructure instead of building out its own towers. But the idea behind Google’s foray into the Mobile Virtual Network Operator space would be for Google to help drive down the cost of mobile […]

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Lilbits (8-06-2014): Mult-user support coming to Android phones?

Nearly two years ago Google started letting Android tablets owners use multiple Google accounts on the same device. This lets families, friends, frenemies, or just about anyone share an Android tablet with each user getting their own homescreen and app data, among other things. But up until now multi-user support has only been available on tablets… […]

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ROK Mobile will offer unlimited talk, text, data, and music streaming

A new wireless carrier plans to open its doors on July 4th. At first glance ROK Mobile looks like yet-another MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator such as Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, or Republic Wireless. But in addition to offering unlimited talk, text, and data ROK Mobile will also include access to a Spotify-like music-on-demand […]

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FreedomPop offers unlimited talk, text for under $5 per month

FreedomPop has been offering some of the cheapest wireless phone plans in the US since the company launched its phone service in October. Basic service with up to 200 minutes and 500 texts was available for free, with unlimited talk and text plans running $11 per month. Now there’s an even cheaper option for unlimited plans […]

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Straight Talk, Net10 clarify “unlimited” plans: 2.5 GB of high-speed data

Straight Talk and Net10 are pre-paid wireless providers that offer relatively inexpensive talk, text, and data plans in the United States. Bring an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phone to one of these carriers, and you can get service for as little as $45 per month (or even less if you pay for 3 months or […]

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$299 Moto X coming to Republic Wireless with plans as low as $5 per month

Disappointed that Motorola’x new Moto X smartphone isn’t priced more like a Nexus phone? While you can pick one up for around $199 with a wireless contract, up until now a contract-free version of the phone has sold for $549. Republic Wireless is changing that. Starting in November, the low-cost wireless carrier will offer the […]

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Straight Talk is now offering 4G LTE for $45 per month (to AT&T compatible phones)

Straight Talk is a US wireless carrier that offers discounted service on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. For $45 per month you can get unlimited talk, text, and “unlimited” data, which is to say that your speeds will be throttled if you exceed an unspecified cap. But for relatively light mobile data users, Straight Talk is […]

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FreedomPop launching free smartphone plans this summer

FreedomPop‘s business model sounds kind of crazy — but it must be working (or FreedomPop must have a lot of capital), because the company keeps expanding into new territory. The company offers free wireless service when you buy one of its relatively inexpensive devices. Customers who need more bandwidth can pay extra for it. First […]