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Amazon AutoRip gives you free MP3s when you buy CDs… including any you’ve bought for the lat 15 years

Can’t decide whether you’d rather buy a CD or purchase the latest album from Weird Al Yankovic in MP3? Amazon’s new AutoRip service means you don’t have to. When you buy an eligible CD from Amazon, the company will automatically add the MP3 version of the album to your Amazon Cloud Player account, which means […]

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Google Music gets matching feature, saves you from uploading 20,000 songs

Google Play Music lets you upload as many as 20,000 songs to Google’s servers and then stream them to any device with a web browser or mobile app. You can also re-download songs you’ve uploaded, which makes it a useful service for backing up your music collection. But uploading thousands of songs takes a lot […]

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Pandora updates Android app with related tracks, song history, more

Pandora has overhauled its internet radio app for Android with a new user interface and new features that had only been available from the Pandora website up until recently. The user interface features a new, lighter theme… and larger, more prominent advertisements. That’s not really a problem if you’re using a phone or tablet with […]

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Grooveshark launches HP TouchPad app

Grooveshark has released an update to its webOS app, adding support for the HP TouchPad. The new app is optimized for the discontinued tablet’s 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display and features tools for finding songs, adding them to a playlist, accessing saved lists, and listening to music from your TouchPad. Like Grooveshark’s mobile […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire to offer Hulu, Netflix, ESPN… and Amazon videos

The Amazon Kindle Fire’s relatively low $200 price tag may be partially due to Amazon’s hopes that customers will buy eBooks, music, and movies from Amazon to help shore up the bottom line. But it looks like Kindle Fire users won’t have to use Amazon’s digital store to get their digital media fix. Earlier this week […]

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Rdio now offers free (and ad-free) music-on-demand

Rdio has stepped up its game in the online music service’s battle with Spotify, MOG, and Rhapsody. Rdio now lets users sign up for a free account and listen to a limited number of songs on-demand for free each month. Spotify offers a similar free service tier. But unlike Spotify, Rdio won’t interrupt the music […]