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Google’s next music streaming service sounds just as confusing as its last few

Google already has a streaming music service called Google Play Music, but it’s kind of a mess. You can pay to listen to music on demand. You can upload your own music to the service and stream it without paying a penny. Or you can listen to ad-supported, Pandora-like “stations” based on artists, songs, or […]

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Pandora’s $10 per month on-demand music streaming service launches to all*

After a limited launch last month, Pandora Premium is now available to anyone who wants to sign up for the $10/month streaming music service. And by anyone, I mean anyone in the US, Australia, or New Zealand who doesn’t mind signing up for a service which is currently only available for Android and iOS users. […]

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Deals of the Day (12-09-2016)

Microsoft is offering some seriously cheap tablets today, but those aren’t the only savings you’ll find in the Microsoft Store and Windows Store at the moment. The company is also running a “free music Friday” promotion, where you can pick up 5 albums for free. Add the items to your account and you can stream […]

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Google Play music guesses what you want to hear, puts it front and center

Google is rolling out an update to Play Music, which the company says will use machine learning to suggest appropriate playlists depending on the time, weather, location, or other conditions. Basically, google says it’ll be able to figure out what music you like to hear, when you like to hear it, and put suggested playlists on […]

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WhammyPhone prototype: Bend your smartphone to make music

Researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab unveiled a flexible smartphone prototype earlier this year that didn’t just have a screen that could bend… it uses the bending motion as a form of input for doing things like flipping through eBook pages. Now the Human Media Lab is going one step further with the introduction […]

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Pandora improves its $5 music streaming service, calls it Pandora Plus

Internet radio pioneer Pandora plans to launch a $10-per-month music-on-demand service that will compete with, well, all the other similar products with a similar price (including Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and so on). But while Pandora’s on-demand music service isn’t ready to go just yet, the company is launching a major update to its […]

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Deezer launches streaming music service in the US for $10 per month

Internet music provider Deezer has a library of more than 40 million songs and 40 thousand podcasts that are available for streaming to a phone, tablet, PC, or some stereo systems. But while Deezer has been available in around 180 countries, the service wasn’t widely available in the US… until today. Deezer is now available in […]

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Google Play Music launches podcasts, recommends shows based on your mood

Google Play Music is now more than just music. Google has launched a podcast section that lets you stream episodes of your favorite shows… or find new shows you might like. That last bit is an area where Google’s podcast offering might stand out from the competition. While there’s no shortage of podcast apps and services, […]