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Amazon Music’s full catalog is now free for Prime members (ad-free, but shuffle mode only)

Amazon Music has been available in two tiers for years. Amazon Prime members could access a limited selection of songs as part of their regular subscription, while Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers could pay a monthly fee for access to a larger catalog of music that rivals other top services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. […]

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Lossless music isn’t a premium feature anymore (Apple Music and Amazon Music offer it for no additional cost)

Once upon a time lossless audio was a premium service that helped set music streaming services like Tidal apart from the competition… and helped justify higher prices. And by once upon a time, I mean as recently as yesterday. But today two major players in the music streaming space have announced that lossless, high-fidelity audio […]

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Last call to export your Google Play Music data (it shuts down Feb 24)

Google announced last year that it was replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music and shutting down the older online music streaming service. But before pulling the plug, the company launched tools that would let you transfer your data to YouTube Music and/or download any music you’d uploaded to Google Play’s cloud storage. And you’re […]

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The day the music dies: Google Play Music will go silent by October

Google is in the process of consolidating its music streaming services — a few months ago the company launched a tool that would allow Google Play Music users to migrate their data to YouTube Music. And now Google has announced that it will begin shutting down Google Play Music in September. That’s when the service […]

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60+ freebies for while you’re stuck at home

Disclosure: Some links on this page are monetized by the Skimlinks and Amazon affiliate programs. An unprecedented number of people around the globe are being told to stay at home as a public health measure in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you […]

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Amazon expands its free ad-supported music streaming service

You don’t need an Amazon Echo device to listen to Amazon’s free, ad-supported music streaming service anymore. Amazon Music is now available for Android, iOS, Fire TV devices, and the web… at least if you’re in the US, UK, or Germany. Amazon’s music strategy has been… complicated, to say the least. The company has been […]

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YouTube Music streaming music service goes live

Google’s latest music streaming service goes live today. As promised, updated YouTube Music includes a mix of songs, music videos, and live performances, among other things. And there are multiple pricing options including a free, ad-supported service and an ad-free YouTube Music Premium service that runs $10 per month (after your free trial is up). […]

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Spotify brings free, custom on-demand playlists to mobile apps

Spotify’s free, ad-supported app for desktop users offers the ability to listen to any song at any time, as long as you’re willing to listen to ads after every few songs. But the company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have typically been more restricted: you could shuffle songs in a playlist, but if you […]

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Google’s next music streaming service sounds just as confusing as its last few

Google already has a streaming music service called Google Play Music, but it’s kind of a mess. You can pay to listen to music on demand. You can upload your own music to the service and stream it without paying a penny. Or you can listen to ad-supported, Pandora-like “stations” based on artists, songs, or […]