The day the music dies: Google Play Music will go silent by October

Google is in the process of consolidating its music streaming services — a few months ago the company launched a tool that would allow Google Play Music users to migrate their data to YouTube Music. And now Google has announced that it will begin shutting down Google Play Music in September. That’s when the service […]

Amazon expands its free ad-supported music streaming service

You don’t need an Amazon Echo device to listen to Amazon’s free, ad-supported music streaming service anymore. Amazon Music is now available for Android, iOS, Fire TV devices, and the web… at least if you’re in the US, UK, or Germany. Amazon’s music strategy has been… complicated, to say the least. The company has been […]

Spotify brings free, custom on-demand playlists to mobile apps

Spotify‘s free, ad-supported app for desktop users offers the ability to listen to any song at any time, as long as you’re willing to listen to ads after every few songs. But the company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have typically been more restricted: you could shuffle songs in a playlist, but if you […]

Google’s next music streaming service sounds just as confusing as its last few

Google already has a streaming music service called Google Play Music, but it’s kind of a mess. You can pay to listen to music on demand. You can upload your own music to the service and stream it without paying a penny. Or you can listen to ad-supported, Pandora-like “stations” based on artists, songs, or […]

Google Play music guesses what you want to hear, puts it front and center

Google is rolling out an update to Play Music, which the company says will use machine learning to suggest appropriate playlists depending on the time, weather, location, or other conditions. Basically, google says it’ll be able to figure out what music you like to hear, when you like to hear it, and put suggested playlists on […]

Amazon Music Unlimited launches, monthly prices start at $4 for Echo users

Amazon’s new music service is live. It’s called Amazon Music Unlimited, and subscribers get access to “tens of millions” of songs and thousands of curated playlists and personalized stations. Sounds a lot like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music, right? Here’s one big difference: the pricing. Some customers will be able to sign up […]

Pandora improves its $5 music streaming service, calls it Pandora Plus

Internet radio pioneer Pandora plans to launch a $10-per-month music-on-demand service that will compete with, well, all the other similar products with a similar price (including Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and so on). But while Pandora’s on-demand music service isn’t ready to go just yet, the company is launching a major update to its […]