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S2 Music Player is an Android app from the maker of Shuttle (with the best incentive for upgrading

S2 Music Player is a new Android app that not only presents a simple, clean user interface for listening to music and managing songs stored on your phone, but also for streaming music from a home server using Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex (although Plex support isn’t available yet). Developed by the maker of the popular […]

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Hisense Touch: HiFi portable music player with E Ink display and Android software

Chinese electronics maker Hisense is one of the only companies producing smartphones with E Ink displays. But the company’s latest pocket-sized device with an E Ink screen is something different. The Hisense Touch is an Android-powered portable music player with support for 32-bit/384 kHz audio, a dedicated digital to analog converter, and a 5.84 inch […]

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Apple kills iPod nano and shuffle, increases iPod touch storage (and drops price)

Apple is reshuffling its portable media player lineup… by dropping the iPod shuffle and iPad nano. This morning MacRumors noticed that Apple had removed those two devices from its website and store, and Apple released a statement to The Verge confirming that the company is “simplifying” its iPod family. Basically the last iPod standing is […]

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Sony unveils next-gen Walkman audio players with “hi-res” audio support

The Sony Walkman line of portable music players revolutionized the way we listen to music back in the days when audiocassettes were state-of-the-art tech. These days smartphones have largely replaced portable media players for plenty of people, but Sony’s shifted its Walkman strategy in recent years by producing premium devices aimed at audiophiles. Now the […]

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Jams Music Player for Android goes open source

Jams Music Player is an Android app for… playing music. It’s got a few nifty features including a 9-band equalizer, the ability to download album art from the internet, unofficial support for streaming music from Google Play Music, and a rather attractive user interface that seems inspired by Google’s new Android L Material design language. […]

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Lilbits (4-18-2014): HTC smartphones with optical zoom camera lenses?

Smartphone cameras might not have all the bells and whistles you get with a high-quality DSLR. But the camera you use the most is probably going to be the one that’s always with you… so lots of folks snap lots of photos with their phones. And device makers have been coming up with ways to help […]

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foobar2000 music player goes mobile (via crowdfunding… maybe)

Foobar2000 is one of the most popular music players for Windows PCs. The free media player has a simple but customizable user interface, support for a wide range of audio codecs, CD ripping, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Now the developers want to bring foobar2000 want to bring their software to mobile devices. They’ve launched a […]

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MediaMonkey for Android plays, manages, and syncs music and videos

MediaMonkey is making the leap from Windows to Android. The desktop version of the media app has earned a following for not only letting you play your audio and video files, but also for providing powerful tools for managing your media library. Now you can use MediaMonkey on Android to not only manage your content, […]

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Hands-on with Sony’s Walkman ZX1 HD audio player with Android

Now that you can use pretty much any smartphone as an MP3 player, dedicated portable audio players aren’t as common as they once were. But Sony thinks there’s still room for a device that puts media playback front and center. The company launched a high-end portable audio player powered by Android in Japan in 2013, […]

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Goodnight Winamp: Classic music player shuts down December 20th, 2013

Well this really whips the Llama’s ass: Winamp is closing up shop on December 20th, 2013. The music player will no longer be available for download from after that date, although I suspect you’ll still be able to find the free app at other websites. The good news is that there’s nothing stopping you […]