Google launches tool for migrating from Play Music to YouTube Music

Google plans to shut down Google Play Music later this year and put all its eggs into the YouTube Music basket. The company has been bringing Play Music functionality (like a cloud storage locker for your personal music collection) to YouTube Music so that you’d get more features in the new service, rather than less. […]

Amazon Music HD provides lossless streaming starting at $12.99 per month

Amazon has added a premium tier to its music streaming service: the new Amazon Music HD lets you stream lossless audio at up to 24-bit/192 kHz quality. The service is compatible with most iOS and Android devices launched since 2014, most Amazon Fire tablets, Fire TV devices, and 2nd-gen or later Echo devices), and many […]

Spotify brings free, custom on-demand playlists to mobile apps

Spotify‘s free, ad-supported app for desktop users offers the ability to listen to any song at any time, as long as you’re willing to listen to ads after every few songs. But the company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have typically been more restricted: you could shuffle songs in a playlist, but if you […]

Amazon is killing off its Music Storage subscription service

Amazon offers a few different streaming music services, including Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music. But the company also lets users upload their own music collection to Amazon’s cloud servers and stream it anywhere… at least for another month or so. The company has announced it’s retiring its free and paid Amazon Music Storage […]

Pandora now lets free users listen to songs on-demand (after watching a 15 second ad)

Pandora got is start as a streaming music service that lets you create personalized radio stations by entering an artist or track and then listening to a string of related songs, giving each a thumbs up or down to tune the station to your tastes. But earlier this year the company launched Pandora Premium, a […]

Google’s next music streaming service sounds just as confusing as its last few

Google already has a streaming music service called Google Play Music, but it’s kind of a mess. You can pay to listen to music on demand. You can upload your own music to the service and stream it without paying a penny. Or you can listen to ad-supported, Pandora-like “stations” based on artists, songs, or […]