View multiple instances of the same Android app with Parallel Windows for Nougat

Google Android 7.0 introduces multi-window support, allowing you to see two or more apps on a screen at once. But what if you want to see the same app twice? Parallel Windows for Nougat lets you do that. This free Android app allows you to open two instances of the same app and view them […]

Enable freeform windows in Android 7.0 (without root or ADB)

Google Android 7.0 is the first version of Google’s mobile operating system to feature native multi-window support. That means you can view more than one app at a time thanks to a split-screen mode that’s enabled by default. But Android 7.0 also includes support for a freeform window mode that lets you view more than […]

Google’s Nexus devices aren’t getting freeform multi-window support (yet)

One of the biggest changes in Android N is native multi-window support. When you’re using an Android phone or tablet running the upcoming version of Android you’ll be able to view two apps in side-by-side windows and you’ll be able to resize those windows to make one app bigger and the other smaller. Android N […]

Android N adds side-by-side Chrome browser window support

One of the most exciting new features coming to Android this summer is the addition of support for multi-window views, allowing you to interact with two apps at the same time. Sure, some Android phone makers have offered their own multi-window software for years, but soon it’ll be baked right into the operating system, There […]

Android N to support “freeform” multi-window mode as well as split-screen

The Android N Developer preview includes support for split-screen mode, allowing you to run two apps in side-by-side windows. But eventually you may be able to run multiple apps in resizeable windows… much the way you can on a Windows, OS X, or Ubuntu computer. Google calls this mode “freeform,” and makes a slight mention […]

Google Pixel C team confirms multi-window is coming to Android

Google’s Pixel C tablet and keyboard dock launched this week to mixed reviews. And I don’t mean some reviewers liked it while others didn’t. I mean almost all reviews I’ve seen have the same mixed opinion about the tablet: The hardware is great. The software can’t really take advantage of it. Fortunately it’s a lot […]

Rockchip’s Light Biz OS turns Android into a desktop operating system

Rockhip is probably best known for producing processors used in low-cost tablets, Chromebooks, and TV boxes. But the company also develops software optimized for those chips, including a new version of Android called Light Biz OS. It’s designed to make Android work more like a desktop operating system. Apps run in resizable windows, allowing you to […]

Rockchip’s “Light Work OS” is Android with a Start Menu, windowed apps

There’ve been a number of attempts over the years to make Google Android feel more like Windows by adding support for running apps in resizeable windows or adding a taskbar and Metro-inspired color scheme. Now Chinese chip maker Rockchip has launched a new solution. It’s called Light Work OS, and it’s a custom version of Android 5.1 […]