Moar screens! Expanscape unveils 7-screen laptop and dual-screen handheld prototypes

Dual-screen laptops are starting to become a thing… but UK-based Expanscape wants to go further than that. Much further. The company is revealing prototypes of two multi-screen devices: Aurora 7 is a laptop with 7 screens that lets you carry a monster workstation PC with you on the go. TeenySERV Duo is a handheld computer […]

Report: Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device code-named “Centaurus”

Foldable devices are all the rage these days. A bunch of major phone makers plan to launch foldable phones with flexible displays in the next year or so. And in the laptop/tablet space, Lenovo already has a line of dual-screen devices, while Intel and Asus showed off prototypes earlier this year. Now it looks like Microsoft […]

Slidenjoy wants to add a screen or two to your laptop (crowdfunding)

Want the portability of a laptop, but the versatility of a multi-monitor setup? You could buy a portable display and lug it around. Or you could back Slidenjoy’s Kickstarter campaign for a system that makes it simple to add an extra screen or two to your laptop. Slidenjoy clips onto the back of your laptop display […]