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MSI introduces Wind U135DX netbook

If the MSI Wind U135DX looks familiar, there’s good reason. It’s virtually identical to the Wind U135 netbook which has been available since January. But there’s one minor difference: The new model has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 processor while the original ships with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 chip. The only difference between these […]

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More Pine Trail netbooks up for order

Another day, another set of recently announced netbooks that are now available for order. The HP Mini 210 and the MSI Wind U135 are both ready to go. Both of these netbooks run Windows 7 Starter Edition and have 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 Pine Trail processors. The Compaq Mini CQ10 (which I think may be […]

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MSI Wind U135 netbook reviewed: Low cost, decent performance

The MSI Wind U135 is a 10 inch netbook with an Intel Atom Pine Trail processor. It probably won’t be available to purchase until January, but Laptop Magazine has already published a detailed review. In a nutshell, they decided that the keyboard is great, the touchpad is a’ight, and the battery is kind of meh. […]

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More on the MSI Wind U160, U130, U135

Yesterday the first of MSI’s upcoming netbooks broke cover. Then a few web sites published some hands-on impressions of the MSI Wind U135. Today we have a few more details on some of the other models. Engadget has a handful of pictures of the upcoming MSI Wind U160. Like the U135, this model will reportedly […]

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MSI launches new line of Pine Trail-based netbooks

Word on the street is that MSI is set to launch a new line of netbooks that will sport Intel’s new Atom N450 Pine Trail processor. Honestly, at this point I’ll be more surprised when I hear rumors that a netbook maker is not planning on launching a new model with an Atom N450 processor. […]