Wortmann Terra netbook crams 2010 parts into a 2008 shell

At first glance, the Wortmann Terra Mobile 1020Go looks like an MSI Wind U100 — a netbook that was released during the summer of 2008. And to be honest, it probably is using the same chassis as that venerable netbook. Dozens of other computers have popped up with the same case over the years. But […]

MSI Wind U100 Plus to ship in Europe

MSI first started showing off the Wind U100 Plus netbook ages ago. Since then, the company has begun selling the updated Wind U123 netbook, but the U100 Plus has been a no show. But now Fudzilla is reporting that the Wind U100 Plus is set to go on sale in Europe within the next few […]

Forget adding power to your netbook, use a netbook battery to power everythng

People spend a lot of time figuring out how to make their gadgets last longer. And in the realm of netbooks, that’s usually meant shopping around for third party extended capacity netbook batteries or building your own. But one hacker is taking a different approach, and using a standard netbook battery as a charger for […]