MSI Wind Pad 100A tablet snags an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip

MSI has been showing off a 10 inch Android tablet called the Wind Pad 100A for a few months, but the company hasn’t been all that talkative when it comes to specs. Now Chippy from CarryPad spotted the tablet at CeBIT in Germany and confirmed that it has a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual […]

MSI shows of a prototype tablet with a built-in projector (or vice vesa)

Last year MSI showed off a Projector PC concept device that effectively packed a full-fledged desktop computer into a video projector case. Oh yeah, it could also project images and video onto a screen, wall, or other surface. The initial Projector PC never made it to market, but this year it looks like MSI has […]

MSI WindPad tablets coming to CES

PC maker MSI is promising to show off a “new generation” of MSI WindPad tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in January. The reason I put “new generation” in quotes is because while MSI did indeed show off a few tablets at CES 2010 as well as other trade shows throughout the year, […]

MSI to launch dual core netbook soon, Android tablet early next year?

Sure, MSI was showing off Google Android powered tablets along with the best of them at CES in January, 2010. But the prototypes didn’t exactly work all that well, and the company has repeatedly postponed plans to actually launch the tablet. Now it looks like you might have to wait until March, 2011 to get […]

MSI to launch tablet in Q3

MSI has been showing off tablet computers since January. Now Digitimes reports that the company will begin selling them in the US and Europe through partnerships with regional wireless carriers as soon as the third quarter of 2010. But DigiTimes says that MSI chairman Joseph Hsu doens’t really expect tablets (with the possible exception of […]