Microsoft Edge browser may get a built-in ad blocker [Update: nope]

Web browser maker Opera made headlines when the company announced that it’s working on a version of its desktop web browser with a built-in ad blocker. The feature just graduated from Opera’s developer channel to the beta channel, and should be available for all users when the final version of Opera 37 launches soon. But […]

Microsoft shows mobile app that describes the world to blind users

Microsoft has painted a picture of a future where you interact with websites, mobile apps, and everything else by speaking to chat bots who can understand you using natural language thanks to machine learning. But while you may not be sold on the need to talk to a virtual concierge to book your next hotel […]

Microsoft’s vision for future of Skype, Cortana: bots talking to bots

Microsoft is betting big that the way humans will interact with machines in the future is using natural language. That’s why the company launched the ill-fated Tay Twitter bot last week. It wast just one of a number of chat bots the company is working on to bring machine learning to play, allowing its software to […]

Tools for turning legacy Windows apps into Universal apps coming this summer

Microsoft’s Windows Store often gets knocked for not having as many apps as the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store… but Windows has been around a long time, and Microsoft says there are more than 16 million apps developed for the Win32 and .NET platforms. So the company is giving developers tools to port […]

Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” coming this summer

Microsoft says a major update for Windows 10 is coming this summer as a free upgrade for all existing users of the operating system. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update (which has been code-named Redstone up until now), will include new feature for pen input, expanded support for biometric security, and more. For instance, Microsoft is […]