Lilbits 7-10-2020: More OneGx1 mini laptop performance notes

It’s been nearly two weeks since I published a preview of the upcoming One Netbook OneGx1 mini laptop with the design of a gaming PC and optional support for 4G and/or 5G networks. But I’ve continued running tests since that article was published, and so now I’ve upgraded the article from “preview” to “review” status. […]

iPads may pick up trackpad and mouse support in iOS/iPadOS 13.4

You’ve been able to use keyboards with iPads for as long as there have been iPads. But mouse support? That’s a different story. The first time Apple added any support for an external mouse was the release of iOS 13, which included mouse support as an accessibility setting — but you can basically just use a mouse […]

Logitech launches its first “Made for Google” wireless mouse and keyboard

Logitech is well known for its keyboards, mice, speakers, webcams, and other PC accessories. In recent years the company has also expanded into iPad accessories including keyboards and… crayons. Now Logitech is launching its first “Made for Google” accessories designed for Chrome OS. The $30 Logitech M355 portable wireless mouse and a new Chrome OS […]

Apple brings mouse support to iPads and iPhones (as an accessibility feature in iOS 13/iPadOS)

Apple has been claiming for years that you can use an iPad Pro to get real work done… as long as you don’t think you need a mouse for work, because up until now iOS hasn’t supported mouse input. But that changed this week when Apple launched developer previews of iPadOS and iOS 13. Now […]

Razer’s first keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One cost $250

Microsoft’s Xbox One game console already runs a modified version of Windows 10. Now it’s getting more PC-like than ever. Earlier this year Microsoft started enabling mouse and keyboard support for a select group of users. And now we’re starting to see keyboard and mouse accessories designed specifically for the Xbox One. Gaming hardware company […]

Android P may let you use a phone as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

Most Android smartphones support Bluetooth, allowing you to connect wireless headphones, mice, keyboards, and other accessories or to transfer contacts or files between devices without wires. But according to xda-developers, it looks like Google may be adding another Bluetooth feature: the ability to use your phone as a mouse or keyboard for an external device. […]

Logitech launches first ergonomic trackball mouse in nearly 10 years (MX Ergo)

The computer mouse as we know it has been around since the 1960s, although it’s gone through some major changes including the move from using a ball to track motion to using optical or laser technology and the shift in recent years from wired to wireless. But the trackball actually predates the mouse by nearly […]

Logitech Flow lets you use one mouse with up to 3 PCs at once (and copy/paste between them)

Have a computer with multiple monitors? Then all you have to do to move content from one screen to another is move your mouse past the edge of one display and onto the next or copy and paste an item from one monitor to the next. But what if you’re using multiple computers? Then you typically […]