Motorola Lapdock turns $5 Raspberry Pi Zero into a laptop

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 single-board computer that you could use as a low-power desktop if you hook up a keyboard, mouse, and external display. But what if you want to the tiny computer as the brains of a laptop? You could try to piece the components together yourself… or you could just […]

Building a cheap Android laptop with an Android TV stick + Motorola Lapdock

Motorola may not be making the Lapdock anymore, but for a little over a year, the company offered Lapdock accessories for a handful of smartphones, letting you use your phone like a laptop. The Lapdock looks like a laptop, but it has no processor, memory or storage. Just connect your supported Atrix, Bionic, or other […]

MK802 notebook: Connecting a $74 PC to a Motorola Lapdock

The Raspberry Pi isn’t the only mini computer that you can turn into a cheap laptop by connecting a Motorola Lapdock. Motorola’s laptop docking station may have been designed for select Android smartphones, but with the proper adapters you can also use the Lapdock as a keyboard, touchpad, display, and power supply for the MK802 […]

Motorola Lapdock 100 turns (a few) phones into laptops

Motorola has introduced a new laptop-style docking station that lets you use your phone as if it were a notebook computer. The Lapdock 100 looks like a thin and light laptop, but it doesn’t work as a standalone device — there’s no operating system or processor to speak of. Instead, you connect a supported Android […]