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Deals of the Day (2-14-2017)

Want to buy that special someone a Valentine’s day present… and don’t care if it doesn’t actually arrive today? What better way to say I love you than over the phone. Or something. I’m not sure I get the reasoning, but a number of phone makers are offering Valentine’s Day promotions, including Huawei, Motorola, HTC, […]

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Moto Mods contest finalists launch crowdfunding campaigns for solar, wireless charging, walkie talkie, and more

One of the most distinctive features of Motorola’s Moto Z smartphones is their support for Moto Mods, which are modules that attach to the back of the phone to add functionality. Motorola currently sells a few Mods including some that offer extended batteries or dedicated camera features. But the company has also been encouraging third-party […]

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This Moto Mod brings wireless charging, IR to Moto Z phones (crowdfunding)

Motorola’s Moto Z line of smartphones support swappable add-ons called “Moto Mods” that you can attach to the back of the phone to add functionality. Right now, the list of Moto Mods you can buy includes a JBL speaker, a camera with a zoom lens, several battery packs, and a projector, as well as a vehicle […]

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Two more Moto Z MotoMods coming soon

Motorola’s Moto Z smartphone has decent specs for a 2016 flagship phone, but it’s the phone’s support for a series hardware add-ons that make it special. They’re called MotoMods and there are currently models that let you add a projector, a big battery, a better camera, or a louder speaker to the phone. Soon there […]

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Moto Z smartphone is now Daydream-ready (VR)

The Motorola Moto Z line of smartphones were already rather unusual, thanks to their support for MotoMods which attach to the back of the phone to add features like extra battery life, a big speaker, or a pico projector. Now there’s something else that makes the Moto Z stand out: Lenovo says it’s the first […]

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Motorola and Indiegogo want your Moto Mod ideas (Moto Z smartphone modules)

Motorola’s Moto Z can be used as a standalone smartphone, but what makes the phone unusual is its support for Moto Mods, which are modules you can slap on the back of the phone to add functionality. Right now Motorola offers 5 different Moto Mods, including a speaker, a projector, a camera with a zoom-lens, […]

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Motorola unveils $400 Moto Z Play smartphone, $299 Hasselblad camera module

Motorola is adding a new phone to its Moto Z lineup. The $400/€499 Moto Z Play is basically a cheaper alternative to the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, thanks to its 5.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. But the phone is said […]

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Moto Z smartphones now available for $624 and up (and Moto Mod dev kit for $125)

Motorola’s first modular smartphones are now available in the United States. As promised, the Moto Z Droid is available for $624 and up, while the Moto Z Force Droid starts at $720. But those prices can climb pretty high if you decide to deck out your phone with extra storage and some of the Moto […]

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Moto Z and Moto Z Force phones coming to Verizon July 28th

When Motorola unveiled the Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones in June the company revealed that they’d be available in the US exclusively from Verizon at launch. Now we know when they’ll launch: July 28th. The phones are up for pre-order now with prices starting at $26 per month or $624 outright for the Moto Z Droid […]

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Motorola Moto Z Play smartphone may be coming soon (leaks)

Lenovo unveiled the Moto Z line of smartphones in June, revealing a line of phones with 5.5 inch displays, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors, and support for a series of modules called MotoMods that you can snap onto the back of the phone to add features like high-quality speakers or cameras, extended batteries, and more. But it […]