Moto Z4 smartphone hits Amazon, ships to customers, hasn’t actually been announced yet (Updated)

Pictures of the Moto Z4 smartphone have been leaking for a few months, but Motorola hasn’t actually gotten around to officially announcing the phone yet. Apparently Amazon didn’t the message, because the online retailer is already selling the Moto Z4 for $500 and throwing in a free Moto 360 camera mod to boot. Not sure […]

Moto Z4 leaks point to an upper mid-range phone with Moto Mod support

Motorola’s Moto G7 made its North American debut last month. The company’s upcoming Razr phone could be a premium device with a foldable display coming later this year. But what about the Moto Z series with its support for Moto Mod add-ons? It looks like an update is on the way. The folks at 91mobiles […]

Motorola introduces Moto Z3 smartphone with optional 5G Moto Mod

Motorola’s latest modular smartphone features a 6 inch, 2160 x 1080 pixel display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage… all of which makes the Moto Z3 seem more like a 2017 flagship than a 2018-era smartphone. But there’s one Moto Z3 feature that sets it apart. The phone will […]

Latest Moto Mods bring slider keyboard, health monitoring to Moto Z phones

Lenovo’s Moto Z smartphone lineup is gaining support for two new modular add-ons. The first new Moto Mod is a slider-keyboard that hides behind the phone when it’s not in use, and which you can pull out when you want to start typing. The other is a health tracker that lets you monitor your vital […]

Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa coming in Nov for $150 (Moto Mods)

As expected, one of Motorola’s next modular accessories for its Moto Z line of smartphones is a smart speaker that works with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant. It’s called the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, and it’s designed to bring better audio quality to a Moto Z smartphone while also picking up your voice from […]

Moto GamePad is coming soon for $80… as a Verizon exclusive

Motorola’s Moto Z smartphones are designed to work with add-ons that snap onto the back of the phone, including speakers, battery packs, and projectors, among other things. They’re called Moto Mods, and in June Motorola announced four new modules were on the way, including one that gives any Moto Z smartphone physical game controller buttons. […]

Moto Z2 Play now available for $408 (new Moto Mods too)

The Moto Z2 Play is now available from Verizon, and the 2nd-gen mid-range smartphone with support for modular accessories should be available from soon as well. First unveiled earlier this month, the Moto Z2 Play is thinner and more powerful than its predecessor. But it also has a smaller battery. Verizon is selling the […]